Xue Song 薛松

Xue Song was born in An Hui, China in 1965. After studying stage design and graduating from the Shanghai Theatre Academy in 1991, Xue stayed in Shanghai and became a professional artist. In 1991, his studio burned down destroying all his works leaving him nothing more than a pile of ash. He took inspiration to create his new works with the ashes and has continued using the burnt paper in his works ever since. His unique approach became his signature in the art community. Xue Song uses the material of his collages from newspapers, magazines and books. He also uses both images and text, Western and Chinese, choosing the fragments depending on the subject of his work.

Xue Song has taken inspiration from a number of master painters of both Western and Chinese. His works are heavily influenced by these painters such as Robert Rauschenberg, Picasso, Zhang Daqian, Liu Haisu, Qi Baishi and Xu Beihong.